Boeing Delivers 80th C-17 Globemaster III to U.S. Air Force

Boeing today made its final C-17 Globemaster III delivery for the year. It was the 80th C-17 delivered overall to the U.S. Air Force and the 10th in 2001. In addition, Boeing delivered four C-17s to the United Kingdom Royal Air Force this year.

All C-17s delivered in 2001 have the extended range fuel containment system and other Block 12 upgrades. This year also marked the 10th anniversary of the C-17's first flight in September 1991.

The U.S. Air Force C-17 fleet has compiled more than 325,000 flying hours. The U.K. fleet has amassed more than 1,225 hours.

C-17s are flying missions daily in the war on terrorism. They have been responsible for the airdrop of more than 2.4 million humanitarian daily rations to refugees in Afghanistan, in addition to moving troops and heavy equipment and carrying other humanitarian supplies such as blankets and bulk food.

Boeing plans to deliver 15 C-17s to the U.S. Air Force in 2002. All deliveries have been ahead of schedule since early 1994.



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