Boeing And Corus Build Solid Future For Mozambique With Mozal Aluminum Smelter

The Boeing Company today announced its "working together" relationship with metal suppliers Corus and Mozal Aluminum that is aimed at supplying premium aluminum for the production of Boeing commercial airplanes and the C-17 military transport.

Mozal Aluminum is a joint venture between Billiton Ltd., Mitsubishi, Industrial Development Corporation and the Mozambique government. Mozal is one of the newest and most technologically advanced aluminum smelters in the world with production capacity of over 250,000 tons of aluminum ingots per year.

This is a very important day for Corus and the country of Mozambique Because the relationship is a major step toward assisting the development and continued growth of the local industry and the Mozambique economy.

Corus supplies a wide range of metal products used in major commercial and military aerospace applications around the world. These range from lightweight aircraft aluminum to high-integrity specialty steels used in helicopter rotor heads and gearboxes, as well as aircraft landing gear.

"Our greatest hope with the Mozal aluminum smelter always has been to enhance downstream opportunities with larger economic impact," said Carlos Morgado, Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Mozambique. "The involvement of a giant such as Boeing and its ability to bring Corus into this venture has exceeded our expectations. We are excited about the possibility of flying in aircraft with parts made in Mozambique."

The government sees this as an opportunity to provide high-technology aviation jobs supported by training from and resources of the world's leading aerospace company.

"Mozambique is a valued partner of The Boeing Company and an important and growing part of the aerospace industry," said Walt Braithwaite, president of Boeing Africa - Boeing International Corporation. "Our "working together" agreement reflects our commitment to Mozambique and takes us another step toward realizing the development potential of the region and the contributions that can be made to The Boeing Company and our industry."

Linhas Aereas de Mozambique , the national flag carrier, has been a Boeing Commercial Airplanes customer for 27 years and operates Boeing 737s and 767s to domestic, regional and international destinations.

The Boeing Company is the largest aerospace company in the world, the world's largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft, the nation's largest NASA contractor and the largest U.S. exporter. Total company revenues for 2000 were $51 billion.

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