Boeing Air Traffic Management Strongly Supports White House Vision Of Future Air Transportation System

Boeing Air Traffic Management President John Hayhurst hailed the recent comments of John Marburger, President Bush's science advisor, on the future structure of America's air transportation system.

"Dr. Marburger has demonstrated a clear understanding of the challenges facing the global air transportation system, and we are pleased he is helping the Bush Administration to take a leadership role on this critical issue," said Hayhurst.

Marburger's comments came during his November 27 testimony to the members of the Commission on the Future of the United States Aerospace Industry, which was formed to study issues relevant to the future of the industry in the global economy and assess its importance for the future economic and national security of the United States.

During his remarks, Marburger outlined several components he believes are critical to any future air transportation system, including an integrated global air transportation system that addresses national defense, homeland security, and civil aviation requirements and a common infrastructure of communications, navigation and surveillance systems.

"Dr. Marburger's visionary approach is consistent with the revolutionary concepts The Boeing Company has been advocating," Hayhurst continued.

"Solving the challenges Dr. Marburger has set before the Commission will make flying even safer and more secure than it is now. The Boeing Company looks forward to working with the Bush Administration to ensure that Dr. Marburger's vision becomes reality," Hayhurst concluded.

Dr. Marburger's testimony to the Commission can be found here. Information about the concepts being developed by Boeing Air Traffic Management can be found here.

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