Boeing, U.S. Army Sign Contract for 35 Egyptian AH-64D Apaches

Boeing has signed a foreign military sales (FMS) agreement with the U.S. government to upgrade 35 Egyptian AH-64A Apache helicopters into next-generation AH-64D Apaches.

Egypt initially announced its intention late last year to remanufacture its Apache fleet. The U.S. Army authorized Boeing to begin procuring long-lead items earlier this year. Deliveries to Egypt are scheduled to begin in 2003.

The FMS contract for the Egyptian Army Apaches, which includes associated spares and ground support equipment, is valued at approximately $400 million, including the aircraft, ordnance, spares, training and support.

Egypt is one of 10 nations that have selected the Apache.

Defense forces from several current international customers also are considering upgrading to the Apache Longbow. In addition, Boeing is producing next-generation Apaches for several nations, including The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Domestically, Boeing is nearing completion of the first multiyear contract to deliver 232 remanufactured AH-64D Apache Longbows to the U.S. Army. Boeing and the U.S. Army signed a second five-year, multiyear contract to remanufacture an additional 269 Army AH-64As into the Apache Longbow configuration through 2006.



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