Boeing Submits Proposals For Aircraft Security Upgrades

Underscoring its commitment to enhancing the security of the air transportation system, The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) announced today that it has submitted to its airline customers a proposal describing specific product offerings that meet the recommendations of the U.S. Department of Transportation Rapid Response Team on Aircraft Security.

Since airlines have implemented the immediate 90-day security recommendations, Boeing's proposal will help them implement the more permanent, long-term enhancements. The proposal addresses ways to meet new requirements for strengthened flight-deck doors, position-tracking transponders that cannot be switched off in an emergency; a cabin-to-flight deck crew-awareness system; and video surveillance of the flight deck entrance.

"This proposal springs from Boeing working together with our customers and with the industry," said Mike Bair, Boeing executive vice president of Commercial Aviation Services. "Our customers helped us determine what these necessary security enhancements would require, and we committed to them that we would give them a solid proposal as soon as possible. We are pleased to have met that commitment, but it is only a steppingstone. Much work remains to be done."

The proposal details price, offerability and availability of engineering design and kit parts for the enhancements. Boeing has teamed with C&D Aerospace to offer total fleet solutions for enhanced flight deck doors.

Boeing and C&D Aerospace are committed to making the actual designs and kits available in enough time to ensure that the 5,500 Boeing aircraft in the U.S. fleet can incorporate the security upgrades by April 2003.

Commercial Aviation Services is a business unit of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

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