Boeing Completes Evaluation of Borealis Cool Chips Technology

The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) has completed an evaluation of a new technology called Cool ChipsTM that could provide lighter, more efficient and more affordable cooling systems in the future.

The evaluation, conducted under an agreement with Cool Chips plc, a subsidiary of Borealis Exploration Limited (BOREF), showed that the principles under which the new Cool Chips technology operate are sound, that the measured physical data complied with the theory, and that further development and evaluation are needed.

Cool ChipsTM are a form of vacuum diode that pumps heat from one side of the chip to the other to provide localized cooling and refrigeration. The technology is solid state and operates silently without the use of motors or environmentally unfriendly fluids.

Because they are smaller and lighter than competing technologies, and promise greater efficiency, Cool Chips have potential applications for thermal management in aircraft and spacecraft, where size, weight and power requirements are at a premium. Such applications include the cooling of avionics, sensors, environmental air and galleys.

The Cool Chips evaluation was conducted by the Boeing Phantom Works, the advanced R&D unit of Boeing. Under the terms of the agreement with Cool Chips plc, Boeing has the right of first refusal on this new technology for aerospace applications.

Boeing is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft, and NASA's largest contractor. The company's capabilities include helicopters, defense systems, missiles, rocket engines, launch systems, satellites, advanced information and communication systems, aviation support products and services, financial services, a global-mobile communications system, and a space-based air traffic management system.

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