Boeing Business Jet Shows Market Strength, Versatility In Wide Variety Of Applications

After five years of operation and more than 19,000 flight hours in the fleet, the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) has proven its staying power as a major player in general aviation. Boeing Business Jets has accumulated orders and commitments for 83 BBJs since the program's inception in 1996, including two Boeing-owned BBJs and the BBJs in the NetJets fleet.

"We're delighted to see so much flexibility in the BBJ platform," said Lee Monson, president of Boeing Business Jets. "With close to 40 BBJs in service, versus 17 a year ago, we've seen a wide range of applications - from head-of-state configurations to military applications and fractional ownership. Plus, private individuals use the airplane as a business tool, and companies use the BBJ as a corporate shuttle."

The sight of a BBJ on the tarmac at airports around the world is becoming increasingly common, as evidenced by the six BBJs on hand at the Paris Air Show last June. At the Dubai 2001 Air Show Nov. 4-8, two BBJs will sit side-by-side on static display.

Boeing Business Jets is dedicated to providing the best service and support to operators, more than 50 percent of whom are outside the United States. Because most BBJ customers operate internationally, BBJ Authorized Service Centers were set up this year in Europe and the United States.

The BBJ benefits from a heritage of safety, reliability, customer satisfaction and global field support made legendary by Boeing and engine manufacturer CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between Snecma Moteurs of France and General Electric (GE). And, the Boeing Business Jets program has proved its success through continued market interest.

Boeing Business Jets was launched in 1996 as a joint venture between Boeing and GE. Designed for corporate and VIP applications, the Boeing Business Jet is a high-performance derivative of the Next-Generation 737-700. The BBJ 2, announced in October 1999, is based on the 737-800 and has 25 percent more cabin space and twice the cargo space of the BBJ. Both provide unsurpassed levels of space, comfort and utility and are backed by a global support program with dedicated field service representatives.

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