Boeing Expands Presence In Asia-Pacific With New Hong Kong Office

In an effort to expand its operations in the Asia-Pacific region and to get closer to customers in Asian business centers, The Boeing Company has opened a new office in Hong Kong SAR.

"The Asia-Pacific region continues to be a bright spot in the global aerospace market, and we're confident that our customers will continue to find ways to grow and prosper," said Larry Dickenson, senior vice president of Sales for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "We want to continue to be a valuable business partner with our regional customers, and this office will provide the opportunity to serve our customers more effectively."

Employees from The Boeing Company's Commercial Airplanes business unit, along with employees from Boeing Capital Corporation, Space & Communications and World Headquarters, will work at the Hong Kong office.

"Boeing has tremendous capabilities in a number of aerospace business areas, and we believe those resources make us the preferred aerospace provider in the region," Dickenson said. "Quite simply, Boeing is better-positioned than any other aerospace company to deliver products and services that meet customer requirements."

The Hong Kong office opening comes soon after the tragic events of Sept. 11, which dramatically changed the air travel market.

"The tragic events of Sept. 11 have profoundly changed the travel industry," Dickenson said. "We at Boeing want to see confidence and optimism reign, and we want to be in a position to help our customers weather the economic uncertainties we face. This office will allow us to be closer to our customers and to send the message that we remain confident about the long-term prospects of this tremendous industry."

Boeing is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft, and NASA's largest contractor. The company's capabilities include helicopters, defense systems, missiles, rocket engines, launch systems, satellites, advanced information and communication systems, aviation support products and services, financial services, a global-mobile communications system, and a space-based air traffic management system

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