Boeing Apache Longbow Makes First Appearance at Seoul Air Show

The Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow this week made its first appearance at the Seoul Air Show, which showcases the most advanced military and commercial aircraft being offered for sale in the region. The Apache Longbow performed a wide range of aerobatic maneuvers during its flight demonstrations.

The next-generation Apache helicopter, produced by Boeing in Mesa, Ariz., is being considered by the Republic of Korea for its current armed helicopter requirements.

The appearance of the Apache Longbow in South Korea coincides with the arrival of U.S. Army Apache Longbow multirole combat helicopters here last week, which marked the first international deployment of a U.S. Army Apache Longbow combat battalion.

Next-generation Apaches continue to make their presence known around the globe through a growing customer base that includes Egypt, Israel, Japan, Singapore, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Several international competitions also are under way.

Apache Longbow helicopters link a wide range of avionics, electronics and weapons into one fully integrated weapon system. The Apache Longbow is 28 times more capable than the battle-proven AH-64A Apache, for years considered to be the world's best combat helicopter.



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