Edwards And Kelcey Licenses Simulation Software From Boeing Subsidiary The Preston Group

The Preston Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, has licensed its Total Airspace & Airport Modeller (TAAM) to Edwards and Kelcey, a national airport engineering, consulting, transportation and construction firm.

TAAM is a fast-time gate-to-gate simulation tool used by civil aviation authorities, aviation research establishments, airlines and airports worldwide to analyze operations and schedules, redesign airspace, plan for and optimize the use of existing or new facilities (such as airports), and examine capacity.

In providing consulting services to airports around the world, Edwards and Kelcey uses TAAM to develop a very detailed airport and airspace baseline of a customer's operations, and then performs "what-if" analyses using TAAM.

Alan Yazdani, manager of Aviation Capacity at Edwards and Kelcey, said using TAAM will give his company an even more robust simulation capability for their airport clients.

"It will allow us to better assist them in addressing their airfield and airspace capacity issues and long-term growth plans," Yazdani said.

Edwards and Kelcey is a full-service transportation planning and engineering consulting firm that has served public and private sector clients since 1946. With more than 1,000 professionals in 26 offices throughout the United States, Edwards and Kelcey has one of the largest aviation planning and design groups that includes experienced planners, economists, scientists and engineers

The Preston Group provides leading simulation, decision support and scheduling systems for the global aviation industry. It has developed advanced optimization and visualization technology, as well as industry expertise, to meet the needs of its customers through innovative software systems and services. With its headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia, the company also maintains offices in Washington, D.C., Atlanta and London.

The Preston Group is a unit of Boeing Air Traffic Management, which is developing revolutionary concepts to significantly enhance the safety and security of the air traffic system, and increase capacity while retaining affordability for all users.

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