Boeing 717 Proves Good Things Come In Small Packages

Everything at the Moscow Air Show seems big, but bigger isn't necessarily better. So when the ostensibly small Turkmenistan Airlines 717-200 landed there today, it quite rightfully took a place among the other giants of aviation.

The brand-new airplane will be the only member of the Boeing family of airplanes displayed during the air show this year, and it carries this distinction proudly. The environmentally friendly 717-200 brings full-size jetliner comfort, low operating costs and high schedule reliability to short-haul markets worldwide.

Passengers praise the seating comfort of the airplane as well as its generous overhead stowage compartments. Airlines benefit from the 717's high dispatch reliability -- the airplane consistently operates with a record in excess of 99 percent for on-time departures, enabling airlines to meet rigorous schedules and high daily utilization. Airport communities benefit from the very low noise of the 717 and from very low engine emissions.

In short, the Boeing 717-200 is the world's best jetliner specifically designed for the short-haul, high-frequency 100-passenger airline market.

The Moscow Air Show runs from Aug. 14-19.

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