Turkmenistan Airlines' Boeing 717-200 to be Displayed at Moscow Air Show

On display at the Moscow Air Show this year will be a Turkmenistan Airlines Boeing 717-200. This brand new airplane is the first of three to be delivered to the carrier this year. The standard 717-200 has a two-class configuration with 106 seats. Its passenger-pleasing interior features a five-across seating arrangement in economy class, with illuminated handrails and large overhead stowbins. Turkmenistan Airlines has configured its 717s for 110 passengers.

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Viktor Anoshkin
7(501) 797-3409 (Moscow)
Warren Lamb
(562) 593-3269 (717)
Kathleen Hanser
(206) 766-2911 (Seattle - after Air Show, Aug .21)
Ken Dejarlais
(206) 766-2931 (Seattle - photo)