Boeing's Participation Larger Than Ever at Moscow Air Show

The Boeing Company has been participating in the Moscow Air Show since its inception, and Boeing's presence at this year's show, which runs from August 13-19, will be larger than ever. The Boeing exhibit will have models of commercial airplanes, the Boeing Business Jet, Sea Launch and the International Space Station. There also are Space Station and Sonic Cruiser holograms, Commercial Aviation Services displays, and a limited-edition commemorative poster for those who stop by. Two new videos on Boeing/Russia partnerships and Commercial Aviation Services will round out the exhibit.

Representatives will be on hand from Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Boeing Business Jets, Boeing Airplane Services, Boeing Capital Corp., and Aviation Partners (working with Boeing on the 737 winglets retrofit program).

On display outside will be the smallest member of the Boeing family of airplanes, the 717. The airplane is a newly delivered Turkmenistan Airlines 717-200 configured to carry 110 passengers on domestic routes. It is the first of three 717-200s to be delivered to Turkmenistan Airlines this year. The 717 was designed for short-haul, high frequency markets. Its effective use of technology drives low operating costs, noise and emissions, as well as operational simplicity.

Theme of the Show

Boeing has a long history with Russian industries and has invested approximately $1 billion there in the past 10 years. This is reflected in Boeing's theme of the show, "Boeing-Russia Partnership." Throughout the country, thousands of Russian scientists, engineers and technicians work with Boeing on a spectrum of programs, including the International Space Station and the Sea Launch program. Boeing and Russia also work together on the expansion of Russian polar routes, as well as many research activities in airplane safety and technology, support for domestic airlines and the development of new materials. Recently, Boeing announced a cooperative effort with Russian aerospace giants, Sukhoi and Ilyushin, to conduct a feasibility study for a new regional jet.

About The Boeing Company
Boeing is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft, and NASA's largest contractor. The company's capabilities include helicopters, defense systems, missiles, rocket engines, launch systems, satellites, advanced information and communication systems, aviation support products and services, financial services, a global-mobile communications system, and soon a space-based air traffic management system.

About Boeing Commercial Airplanes
A main exhibitor at the Moscow Air Show, Boeing Commercial Airplanes is one of three operating groups within The Boeing Company. It is headquartered in Renton, Wash., under the leadership of President and Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally. Commercial Airplanes employs more than 94,000 people. In addition, Boeing commercial jetliners incorporate the products and services of more than 3,000 suppliers from around the world.

Only Boeing offers airplane models to serve every passenger market from 100 seats to well over 500 seats ¾ as well as the most complete line of cargo freighters. The world's largest producer of commercial jetliners, Boeing Commercial Airplanes maintains its leadership by focusing intensely on customers and the dynamic, complex air travel marketplace they face. As the air transport industry changes to a world of alliances, "virtual airlines" and rapidly shifting markets, Boeing has developed a family of products and services that deliver comprehensive customer solutions to these evolving challenges.

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