Genesis Launch Aboard Boeing Delta Delayed for Weather

At T minus 6, today's Genesis launch on a Boeing Delta II rocket was scrubbed due to adverse weather conditions including thick clouds and high moisture content, both of which violate requirements needed for launch.

"The current critical science window for launching Genesis is through August 15," said Rich Murphy, Boeing mission director. "Boeing will work with the range to explore all options and give NASA the maximum opportunities to send the Genesis spacecraft on its journey."

Officials are determining the next window of opportunity while keeping in mind two other launches that are scheduled in the coming week, a Titan rocket on August 6 and Shuttle launch STS-105 on August 9.

The Boeing Delta II is tasked with completing one of the most crucial phases of this mission by launching the Genesis spacecraft during a two minute window from Space Launch Complex 17A at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. The goal of the Genesis spacecraft is to capture and return the first sample of solar wind.



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