Boeing 717 to Enter Service with Turkmenistan Airlines

Under a sunny sky here today, Turkmenistan Airlines received its first Boeing 717-200 making the airline the eighth operator of the popular short-range, twin-engine jetliner.

Turkmenistan Airlines, based in the country's capital city of Ashgabat in Central Asia, is scheduled to take two more of the fuel-efficient airplanes later this year. Turkmenistan already operates three Boeing 737-300s and four 757-200s. The airline plans to operate the 717 on domestic routes. Turkmenistan 717s are configured for 110 passengers.

"The 717 is an excellent airplane as we continue with our plan to replace Soviet-built aircraft with Boeing airplanes," said Ilyas Berdiev, chief executive of Turkmenistan Airlines. "We are confident passengers will enjoy the comfort and innovative features that make travel on the 717 a great flying experience."

"The 717 is the perfect airplane for the quick turnaround, high frequency, short-haul market," said Doug Groseclose, vice president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Sales. "We are excited about the value that this member of the Boeing family will bring to Turkmenistan Airlines and the people of Turkmenistan. The 717 is demonstrating superior performance by providing on-time departures for passengers, and outstanding fuel economy and low operating costs for the airlines."

Boeing has delivered 72 717s since it received its first certification in September 1999 from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and Europe's Joint Aviation Authority. The airplane also received certification from the Commonwealth of Independent States and Ukraine in February this year.

The environmentally friendly 717-200 brings full-size jetliner comfort, low operating costs and high schedule reliability to short-haul markets worldwide.

Passengers praise the seating comfort of the airplane as well as its generous overhead stowage compartments for personal items. Airlines benefit from the 717's high dispatch reliability. The airplane consistently is operating with a record in excess of 99 percent for on-time departures, enabling airlines to meet rigorous schedules and high daily utilization.

Airport communities benefit from the very low noise of the 717 and from very low engine emissions. The 717 is powered by two Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR715 engines.

The airplane now operates in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. It is the only new 100-passenger short-range jetliner in revenue service. Boeing has received firm orders for 136 717s, not including a firm order for 20 airplanes that Midwest Express has said it will finalize this year.

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