Important Milestone for Boeing Air Traffic Management as FCC Grants Mobile Satellite Service Licenses

The Boeing Company has cleared a major hurdle in the development of its Air Traffic Management system with the licensing of a new mobile satellite service by the International Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

"The FCC action is a critical step toward the development and implementation of the satellite-based element of our overall Air Traffic Management architecture," said Dennis Muilenburg, Vice President - Engineering of Boeing's Air Traffic Management business unit. "We are very pleased that the FCC, which we consider an important stakeholder in our efforts, took this important action which supports the importance and urgency of a satellite-based Air Traffic Management system.

The license enables Boeing to build a medium earth orbit constellation of non-geosynchronous orbit satellites operating in the 2 GHz band.

Boeing's concept builds on the Air Traffic Control modernization plan announced last month by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Boeing concept is based on three basic principles: a common information system, trajectory management and airspace redesign. The FCC's issuance of the 2GHz license is a critical step supporting the common information system requirement, which calls for an integrated flow of communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) data between satellites, aircraft and ground control stations, a unique and fundamental element of the overall concept. The common information network will allow pilots and air traffic controllers to share data in order to make critical decisions for the guidance of aircraft.

The FCC action is the result of a four-year collaborative effort by Boeing and the FCC. Boeing first applied for the 2GHz license in 1997.

"This exciting new development adds further credibility and momentum to our project and is an important step for the "working together" team of stakeholders to further define the system," said Muilenburg.

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