Finmeccanica Companies, Boeing Sign Agreement to Partner on 767 Tanker Aircraft Program

Alenia Aerospazio and Aeronavali, both Finmeccanica companies, have signed a memorandum of agreement with The Boeing Company to become partners in the development, production and support of a tanker/transport version of the Boeing 767 commercial aircraft.

The Alenia and Aeronavali memorandum of agreement with Boeing has been triggered by a requirement from the Italian defense administration for new tanker/transport aircraft. The Boeing 767 was recently selected as the tanker system of choice for that requirement.

Through the agreement, the Italian companies will invest in the widely expanding international market for air-refueling tanker/transport aircraft.

Alenia Aerospazio and Aeronavali, with a program share of up to 20 percent, will take part in all program phases, including design, development, production and logistics support. Additionally, they will support the marketing effort in selected areas of expertise.

The agreement demonstrates the commitment of both parties to this program, according to Carmelo Cosentino, senior vice president of Alenia Aerospazio, and David Spong, president of Military Aerospace Support for Boeing. "The partnership will provide a capable solution for the Italian air force as well as for the international market, and a very high level of industrial return for Italy," they said jointly.

Alenia Aerospazio will contribute design and technologies for the development activities.

Aeronavali will be the leader in Italy for the complete modification of the Italian air force aircraft. It will also be responsible for modification kits for additional aircraft sold in the international market. In coordination with Aeronavali, Italian airline Alitalia will perform the basic aircraft logistic support. This will capitalize on Alitalia's experience as a major operator of the 767 aircraft.

Additionally, Alenia Difesa, Elettronica and G.S.E., as well as a large number of small and medium Italian enterprises, will be involved in the program.

The Italian participation can reach a value of 2,500 billion Lira (1,300 million Euros, or 1.2 billion USD).

Alenia Aerospazio and Boeing have more than 40 years experience in working together. Alenia is the second-largest source of aerostructures for Boeing. Alenia has been a partner on the 767 since the aircraft's inception; it currently produces significant structural assemblies.

For more than 50 years, Aeronavali has been performing maintenance and modification work on military and commercial aircraft, such as the B707 tanker for the Italian air force; and the DC-8, DC-10, MD-11, B727, B707, A300, ATR, Atlantic, G222, NATO E-3A AWACS and C-130. Aeronavali also is a partner of Boeing on the development and modification of the 767-200 Special Freighter program.

Boeing maintains significant long-term commitments with Italian industry. This results in more than 865 billion Lira (448 million Euro, 400 million USD) per year in aerospace purchases.



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