Transavia's Boeing 737 Fleet Keeps Growing with its First 737-700

Transavia Airlines took delivery Monday of its first 737-700. The Dutch charter and scheduled service airline is leasing the airplane from Tombo Aviation of Long Beach, Calif.

Transavia will be flying approximately 30 737s by summer 2003, including leased airplanes. They currently operate an all-Boeing fleet of 737s and 757s. The carrier has been a Boeing customer since taking delivery of their first 737-200 in 1974.

"In order to go on providing the best possible service to our passengers, our fleet is being continuously updated," said Peter Legro, Transavia president and CEO. "That means that our fleet is becoming younger, more modern, more flexible and more environmentally friendly."

Like the other three models in the Next-Generation 737 family, the 737-600, -800 and -900, the 737-700 has an all-new interior with larger overhead luggage bins. It also has an advanced flight deck featuring the latest large flat panel display technology - one that permits customers to configure the display for maximum commonality with existing fleets.

"The extremely reliable 737 is the backbone of Transavia's fleet, which carries millions of passengers each year to holiday destinations," said Toby Bright, Boeing vice president of Sales for Europe/Russia. "The commonality among all the 737 models keeps operating costs down while at the same time allowing the airline to take advantage of the different seat capacities their routes demand."

Building a quieter, more fuel-efficient airplane was a top priority for Boeing engineers designing the Next-Generation 737 family. The new, advanced-technology wing design on the models helps improve fuel efficiency. The model's new CFM56-7 engines produced by CFMI, a joint venture of General Electric Co. of the United States and Snecma of France, meet community noise restrictions well below current Stage 3 limits and below expected Stage 4 limits. Emissions also are reduced beyond required standards.

The Next-Generation 737 family entered passenger service in 1997 and is the fastest selling new airplane program in history. Customers have placed more than 1,800 orders for Next-Generation 737s.

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