Boeing Aircraft Trading Signs Agreement with Lufthansa Technik

Boeing Aircraft Trading President Dinesh Keskar has announced the signing of an agreement with Lufthansa Technik AG to establish relationships between the two organizations.

According to terms of the agreement, Lufthansa Technik will be providing support to Boeing Aircraft Trading's airplanes, including those not manufactured by Boeing. Areas of technical support that may be provided by Lufthansa to Boeing Aircraft Trading customers include aircraft modifications, aircraft maintenance and training, and other services.

"Regardless of the manufacturer or model, any airplane that Boeing Aircraft Trading sells or leases will have the Boeing stamp of approval on them," Keskar said. "We stand behind our products and will support our customers to the best of our abilities."

Lufthansa Technik AG - a subsidiary of Lufthansa German Airlines based in Hamburg, Germany - is an established and qualified technical support provider well known in the aviation industry. The company is an approved design, development and production center, and is recognized by more than 30 maintenance organizations, including JAR 145 and FAR 145.

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