Boeing Executive says Airplane Deliveries Determine Market Leadership

Airplane deliveries, not orders, are the final determinant of market leadership, said Seddik Belyamani, Boeing Commercial Airplanes executive vice president - Sales, in a press briefing today during the Paris Air Show.

"Deliveries are the most important measure," Belyamani said. "They represent completed transactions. Market leadership comes down to who is getting the airplanes out the door and into the sky. And Boeing leads when it comes to deliveries."

In 2000, Belyamani said Boeing delivered 489 airplanes compared to 311 delivered by its main competitor, Airbus Industrie.

"A look across the product line shows our leadership last year," he said.

Boeing delivered 32 717s and 281 737 Family airplanes compared to 241 A320s; 89 757/767s compared to 35 A300/310/330-200s and 55 777s compared to 35 A330-300/340-300/500/600s. Boeing also delivered 25 747s; 3 MD-90s and 4 MD-11s for a grand total of 61 percent of the market by units.

During his remarks, Belyamani did not ignore the importance of airplane orders.

"Orders are important, but also fluid - subject to customer changes and dynamic market conditions," he said. "We gained more orders in 2000 than our competitor, with 589 compared to 492, or more than 54 percent of the market by units."

"And we are on track to meet our commitments during 2001," Belyamani said.

He said orders to date total 169 gross, 121 net and the delivery target for 2001 is approximately 530 airplanes.

"We are excited about the results we have achieved so far this year, as well as the prospects for continued success in the second half of 2001," Belyamani said.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes provides gross and net orders and deliveries status on a weekly basis on its web site to keep customers, shareholders and investors informed of business activity. To access the Boeing Commercial Airplanes Order and Deliveries Web site, click here.

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