Boeing Aircraft Trading Provides Unparalleled Services

Boeing Aircraft Trading President Dinesh Keskar today raised awareness among Paris Air Show attendees about one of Boeing Commercial Airplanes' rapidly growing organizations when he provided an overview of Aircraft Trading's operations, services and activities.

Boeing Aircraft Trading - formally established in 1998 - sells and leases Boeing-owned airplanes acquired through trades, lease returns and other mechanisms, as well as airplanes from the secondary market that meet Boeing's high standards. The organization also provides contractual and operations support for trade-in and inventory aircraft. This service focuses on operators who must expand their fleet immediately, or who are not currently in a position to purchase brand-new equipment.

"Boeing Aircraft Trading is an example of the Boeing commitment to providing creative and dependable solutions to its customers worldwide," Keskar said. "We work with our customers to meet their specific needs, including airplane modification, spare parts, crew training, complete product support, leasing and financing."

In addition to its other services, Boeing Aircraft Trading features a website that provides information about the makes, models and sizes of airplanes Boeing has in its inventory, plus available Boeing airplanes from other sources. This website was initiated to offer a more efficient method for those in the trading business to have access to one of the industry's most comprehensive lists of previously operated airplanes.

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