AeBal Leases Boeing 717 From Pembroke Group

The Spanish airline Aerolineas de Baleares, S. A. (AeBal) yesterday took delivery of its fourth Boeing 717-200. The airplane is the first 717-200 AeBal has leased from Pembroke Group Limited, a Dublin, Ireland-based financing, leasing and management group.

AeBal, which is based in Palma de Mallorca, will use the airplane on scheduled service, operating both domestic and international routes for Spanair, the second-largest scheduled airline in Spain. AeBal's 717s will serve Spanair's key hubs and develop new routes for the fastest-growing Spanish carrier.

"The 717 is the most efficient 100-seat airplane in the marketplace today," said José Jaume, chief executive officer of AeBal. Jaume said the 717 has enjoyed a dispatch reliability of more than 99 percent during its first year of operation.

Pembroke has ordered 27 Boeing 717s, the first of which was delivered to airline customers in 2000.

"The 717 is the perfect airplane for scheduled operators like AeBal who fly an airplane many times a day on short routes," said Garry Burke, Pembroke chief executive officer. "The 717 is at its most efficient when it is flying one- or two-hour flights all day long, day after day. It's ideal for the short-haul market."

The environmentally friendly 717-200 brings full-size jetliner comfort, low operating costs and high schedule reliability to short-haul markets worldwide.

Currently, there are 59 Boeing 717s in revenue service.

Pembroke, founded in 1993, manages a fleet of more than 102 airplanes leased to operators worldwide. Pembroke is jointly owned and controlled by Rolls-Royce and GATX Capital.

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