American Airlines Orders 15 Additional Boeing 767 Airplanes

The Boeing Company confirmed today that American Airlines has ordered 15 additional 767-300ER airplanes. Boeing will deliver the new airplanes beginning in 2002 and continuing through 2003.

"This order for 15 more 767s confirms that this airplane is perfectly suited for American's long-haul routes," said John Quinlivan, vice president and general manager, Boeing 767 program. "The order also underscores the versatility and popularity of the 767-300ER."

Quinlivan said the Boeing 767-300ER provides maximum efficiency, twin-aisle passenger cabin convenience, excellent fuel efficiency and modern airplane systems.

"We believe these new airplanes will serve American very well for years to come," he said.

American currently operates a fleet of 79 Boeing 767 airplanes on a variety of long-haul routes primarily over the Atlantic Ocean. Boeing 767s log more than 1,800 flights each week across the Atlantic.

The 15 additional 767-300ER airplanes American has ordered will include a new interior based on the award-winning interior design of the Boeing 777. The new interior uses state-of-the-art lighting and design concepts to amplify the feeling of spaciousness and to maximize the amount of space available for passenger carry-on baggage -- all this on an airplane prized for long-range comfort. The airplanes also will provide more room throughout coach, a standard feature on American airplanes.

To date, 80 airlines worldwide operate more than 800 767s. The 767 family has the lowest operating cost per trip of any widebody airplane. This low operating cost, combined with a choice of three sizes, variable range capability, almost universal airport compatibility and ETOPS capability, makes the 767 a versatile family of airplanes.

American Airlines and its regional airline affiliate, American Eagle, together serve more than 237 cities in 49 countries and operate approximately 4,100 daily flights. American Airlines, which traces its beginnings to 1926, today operates a fleet of more than 719 modern jetliners and employs more than 105,000 people worldwide. TWA LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines, operating 178 airplanes and employing more than 20,000 people.

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