Boeing, USAF Finalize Contract for 10 Additional F-15E Aircraft

The Boeing Company and U.S. Air Force have finalized contract terms for 10 F-15E aircraft, which will sustain production of the world's best multi-role fighter into 2004.

Last year, Boeing began building the planes with initial funding from the Air Force's fiscal year 2000 budget. The aircraft will have several upgrades that make them the most capable F-15Es delivered to date.

"Many dedicated Air Force and Boeing people made this possible," said Mike McDonough, Boeing manager for the U.S. Air Force F-15 program. "They have our thanks and congratulations for crafting an agreement that deepens the Air Force-Boeing partnership."

Valued at approximately $571.1 million, the contract covers airframes and certain other components. The Air Force will purchase some items separately - such as engines - as it has in the past.

The planes will be the 227th-236th F-15Es produced at the Boeing facility here. Deliveries start during the first half of 2002 and will extend through the last quarter of 2004.

Boeing is upgrading the airplanes' programmable armament control set (PACS) and software so the F-15E can fully utilize the Joint Direct Attack Munition, Joint Standoff Weapon and Wind Corrected Munition Dispenser. The planes will also receive enhanced night-vision capability and three new active-matrix liquid crystal displays.

Those displays are more reliable and maintainable than the cathode-ray tube displays in previous aircraft.

Boeing has offered the Republic of Korea an F-15E derivative - the F-15K - for the FX fighter competition. Korea is to select its new fighter later this year.



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