Boeing and Alenia Spazio to Sign Memorandum of Agreement

In a signing ceremony to be held today at the Satellite 2001 Conference in Washington, D.C., officials from Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Alenia Spazio, a Finmeccanica company, will sign a Memorandum of Agreement. As part of the agreement, Boeing has agreed to purchase fuel tanks from Alenia Spazio for the upper stage of the Boeing Delta II launch vehicle. Alenia Spazio has agreed to purchase Delta launch services for its satellite program.

"This agreement offers advantages for both companies," said Jim Albaugh, president and chief executive officer of Boeing Space & Communications. "Boeing will benefit by incorporating Alenia Spazio's high-quality fuel tanks into the Delta II rockets, and Alenia Spazio will benefit by purchasing Delta launch services at competitive prices for its satellite customers."

"As our satellite program continues to grow, we are constantly looking for ways to offer the best available services to our customers," said Giuseppe Viriglio, CEO of Alenia Spazio. "This new agreement will be of particular value to us in our efforts to increase our offerings to the commercial market."

In addition to Boeing and Alenia Spazio's new relationship in the expendable launch business, both companies are working together in human space flight.

Boeing, a major subcontractor for the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station programs, recently concluded payload integration work for the Alenia Spazio-built "Leonardo" Multi-Purpose Logistics Module that rode aboard Space Shuttle Mission STS-102. The module carried a variety of supply racks to the Space Station, and returned to Earth materials used by the Expedition One crew.

Once final arrangements of the agreement have been made, availability and exchange of launch services and hardware are expected to begin next year.

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