Boeing Delta II Will Launch High Resolution Satellite for EarthWatch

Boeing [NYSE:BA] officials today announced that a Boeing Delta II expendable launch vehicle will carry an image-collecting satellite into space for EarthWatch Incorporated later this year.

A Delta II 7320 medium-capacity launch vehicle will deliver the new EarthWatch QuickBird 2, a high-resolution imagery satellite, to a sun-synchronous orbit. The launch is scheduled for October from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.

QuickBird 2 will offer commercial customers identification of image details of approximately two-foot (61-centimeter) spatial resolution detail.

"Given the importance of this launch to our company, we selected the Delta II because of its outstanding launch record," said Herb Satterlee, president and chief executive officer of EarthWatch Inc. "Once operational, our QuickBird 2 will become the highest resolution commercial satellite in the world, enabling us to provide our customers with the highest quality imagery and information products available."

"EarthWatch's selection of Boeing to deliver its QuickBird 2 satellite to space, reinforces the reputation that the Delta II maintains as a highly reliable launch vehicle," said Jay Witzling, vice president and deputy program manager of Boeing Delta and Titan programs. "The entire Delta team shares the excitement with EarthWatch in this momentous launch of their newest satellite."

The launch of the EarthWatch QuickBird 2 marks the first aboard a Delta launch vehicle for the Longmont, Colorado-based company.


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