Boeing Studying High Performance Commercial Airplanes

The air travel market always has valued improvements in safety, economic efficiency, and quicker, easier ways of flying. That is what drove the transition from propeller to jets, it is what has caused the rapid expansion of point-to-point flying, it is why airlines work so hard to provide a wide choice of frequencies to travelers. Working with our airline customers, we have identified a set of cost and performance technologies that will allow the design of a radically different airplane. This will give the airlines the opportunity to start another chapter in commercial aviation.

According to Commercial Airplanes President and Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally, "Our customers have shown significant interest in airplanes that allow passengers to fly where they want to go, when they want to go -- directly to their destinations without the hassle and delay of intermediate stops."

"We are developing designs that would reduce flying time as much as 15 to 20 percent while achieving ranges not possible with current airplanes. These airplanes also will fly higher than current models, offering a more comfortable ride for passengers. And they will be environmentally friendly because they will be quieter at takeoff and landing. Based on work with the 777, Next-Generation 737 and other programs, we see the opportunity to also significantly improve the design/build process for such a new airplane."

Mulally said Boeing is working with a number of airlines, suppliers and partners to determine the specific characteristics of the new airplane.

He added: "We're eager to create a new travel experience for our customers. This is an exciting opportunity for us to take advantage of the airplane performance and cost-reduction technologies we have been developing."

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Susan Bradley