Boeing Honors Suppliers For Outstanding Performance

The Boeing Company announced today that six suppliers to its commercial airplanes operations have been honored for outstanding performance in 2000.

"These suppliers have earned this distinction because they deliver the highest quality parts on time and at a competitive price," said Russ Bunio, vice president and general manager of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Supply Management and Procurement Division. "They are a key part of our creating total solutions for our customers."

Bunio added that he finds it very gratifying to work with suppliers like these.

"They share our passion for creating the best commercial airplanes in the world," he said.

The 2000 Suppliers of the Year are:

  • Aero-Plastics, Inc., Renton, Wash.
  • Exotic Metals Forming Company, Kent, Wash.
  • Korean Air Lines Aerospace Division, Pusan, South Korea.
  • Pechiney Rolled Products, Ravenswood, W. Va.
  • Vibro-Meter SA, Fribourg, Switzerland.
  • Yokahama Rubber Company, Hiratsuka Japan.

The annual Boeing Commercial Airplanes "Supplier of the Year" awards were first issued in 1988.



Aero-Plastics, Inc. - Renton, Wash.

Aero-Plastics, Inc., is recognized as an excellent supplier by every measure. It supplies Boeing with small nonmetallic machined parts, primarily for out-of-production aircraft. The company has been a Boeing supplier since 1960 and also was named Supplier of the Year in 1993. Continuous inspection and a good internal rejection tracking system have resulted in excellent quality. Aero-Plastics also has an excellent schedule compliance rate. Rearranging the factory to improve workflow contributed to reduced costs.

Exotic Metals Forming Company - Kent, Wash.

Boeing lauds Exotic Metals for near-perfect quality and schedule performance. Founded in 1963, the company produces complex sheet metal assemblies such as vacuum waste tubes, environmental control system ducts, and engine bleed air systems for all models, as well as 737 anti-icing ducts and 777 nozzles and plugs. Exotic Metals has demonstrated excellent control of costs and capital expenditures, and met or exceeded cost-reduction targets. They have aggressively incorporated Boeing manufacturing initiatives. They also are honored for the professionalism, courtesy and flexibility of their contact people.

Korean Air Lines Aerospace Division - Pusan, South Korea

Boeing commends Korean Air Lines Aerospace for its exceptional product quality, its perfect on-time delivery performance, its commitment to cost reduction and its implementation of Boeing initiatives to improve manufacturing and become more competitive. A Boeing supplier since 1988, it currently supplies the 737, 747, and 777 flap support fairings, the 747 wing tip extension, the 777 wing tip assembly, and the 717 nose section. The company's product acceptance rate on Puget Sound programs was excellent last year. There were no late or missed shipments during the year. Korean Air Lines Aerospace also demonstrated exceptional support for airline spares.

Pechiney Rolled Products - Ravenswood, W.Va.

Boeing honors Pechiney for perfect quality, the highest on-time delivery record of all suppliers of similar materials, and exceptional flexibility in production to meet changing Boeing requirements. Their plant provides raw materials such as aluminum plates and sheets, tubing and extrusions for all models. They have taken on extra work when requested. Boeing appreciates their high level of performance and excellent internal cost controls.

Vibro-Meter, SA - Fribourg, Switzerland

Vibro-Meter is honored for its technical excellence and innovation, its near-perfect quality performance and its consistent adherence to delivery schedules. Vibro-Meter supplies Boeing with the engine vibration monitor system for the 737, 747, 757 and 767. The company also supplies the 747, 757 and 767 accelerometers. Their cost-reduction efforts have been outstanding. Boeing and Vibro-Meter have just completed a three-year development program resulting in the universal engine vibration monitor system, which allowed Boeing to reduce part numbers from 19 to 1.

Yokohama Rubber Company - Hiratsuka, Japan

Boeing recognizes Yokohama Rubber Company for perfect quality and delivery records, the ability to react quickly to changing Boeing requirements, and an aggressive, successful commitment to cost reduction. The company has been a Boeing supplier for 22 years, and manufactures lavatories and potable water tanks for all commercial airplane models. Yokohama Rubber has demonstrated the ability to implement short- flow engineering changes without jeopardizing Boeing schedules. Yokohama Rubber has been very aggressive with the implementation of manufacturing initiatives to meet price reduction goals, and also has been very successful in working together with Boeing to lower costs.

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