Boeing Aircraft Trading Launches Web Site and Features Newest 767 at ISTAT 18th Annual Conference

Boeing Aircraft Trading revealed its new Web site, as well as offered the newest member of the Boeing family - the 767-400ER (extended range) - as the main attraction at the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) 18th Annual Conference.

Attending as featured speakers were Dinesh Keskar, president - Boeing Aircraft Trading, Joe Ozimek, director - Product Marketing and Terry McGaughan, vice president - Customer Solutions.

Keskar demonstrated the capability, wealth of information and ease of information search on the new Web site to an audience of appraisers, traders, brokers and potential customers. The site provides information about the makes, models and sizes of airplanes Boeing has in its inventory, in addition to available Boeing airplanes from other sources.

"We are providing this service to the aircraft trading industry to initiate a simpler and more efficient method for those in our business to search and locate airplanes they are looking for," Keskar said. "Our Web site will be the most current of anything that exists out there today."

Boeing is the commercial airplane market leader in both products and services. In addition to offering leading models across the product line, Boeing provides the best in global air transport solutions, featuring a comprehensive array of aviation services.

Boeing Aircraft Trading sells and leases Boeing-owned airplanes acquired through trades, lease returns and other mechanisms, as well as airplanes from the secondary market that meet Boeing's high standards. This service focuses on operators who must expand their fleet immediately, or who are not currently in a position to purchase brand-new equipment.

John Quinlivan, vice president and general manager of the Boeing 767 program, also attending the ISTAT Conference, was proud to show off the airplane's new spacious 777-style interior.

"The new interior - now available on all 767 passenger models - is based on the award-winning interior design of the Boeing 777," Quinlivan said. "Years of survey data show that passengers in every class of service and in every market prefer the Boeing 767 family over competing models. This new design gives passengers even more reason to prefer the 767 family of airplanes."

The airplane on display at the conference will be delivered later this month to Delta Air Lines. The airplane is Delta's 16th 767-400ER. Delta is the world's largest 767 operator with more than 115 767s.

"The ISTAT Annual Conference is a great venue for us to feature one of Boeing's most respected airplanes," Quinlivan said. "The 767-400ER serves as an example to show those here today what Boeing airplanes are all about; advanced technology, superior quality, complete airplane family and high resale value."

The Boeing 767-400ER airplane is the newest member of the Boeing 767 family. Sized between the Boeing 767-300ER and the Boeing 777-200, the 767-400ER features a lengthened fuselage; aerodynamic improvements, including raked wing tips; increased takeoff weight; and a new 777-style flight deck.

The new 767-400ER brings significant improvements in operating economics over competing airplanes in the 240- to 300-seat market. The payload capability, intercontinental range, passenger comfort and commonality with other Boeing jetliners give the airplane strong market appeal. The 767 has the lowest operating cost per trip of any twin-aisle airplane.

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