Boeing Unit Upgrades Web-Enabled Maintenance Planning Tool

AeroInfo Systems Inc., a subsidiary of The Boeing Company, today released the next generation of its aircraft maintenance-planning software, featuring the ability to push more information more quickly over the Internet.

The new MaintStream TM 2.2 software processes data 25 percent faster while providing an improved, more flexible Maintenance Forecasting Module that enables airlines to create a detailed fleet maintenance plan for a 10-year period.

The maintenance plan can be published on a company Intranet or over the Internet for rapid visibility by employees or contract firms. Users may select specific calendar events, view as much detail as needed and produce customized reports.

"MaintStream is designed specifically to reduce maintenance costs and increase airplane utilization by streamlining the entire range of airline maintenance planning and administration activities," said Richard Macdonald, president of AeroInfo Systems. "This includes regulatory reporting, job card definition, work package creation, work flow tracking and a host of other functions."

MaintStream 2.2 will complement enterprise-based software solutions. It can be deployed quickly as an off-the-shelf product on a company network, or accessed over the Internet via an application service provider.

Boeing acquired AeroInfo Systems in September 2000 as part of an ongoing expansion of the Boeing portfolio of aviation services. Based in Richmond, British Columbia, AeroInfo Systems is an industry leader in the development of Web-based airline maintenance and related software applications. It is part of the Commercial Aviation Services organization of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group.

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