Earthquake Update - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Which plants are operating and which ones are shut down?

A. We are updating this information regularly. Please check the internal and external company web sites for the most current information.

Additionally, an accurate and updated list of affected areas and sites is available at the Boeing the 24-hour hotline numbers at 1-800-899-6431 or 1-800-394-0662, or through the Puget Sound Call Center numbers: 425-237-7390, 425-965-4077, 425-237-2869, and 425-237-6022.

Q. How long will it take before all employees return to work and everything is back to normal?

A. It is difficult to say. Boeing Puget Sound area employees are returning back at work as soon as their buildings are deemed safe for occupancy by Boeing Security & Fire Protection and Facilities. They continue to work 24 hours a day to assess damage to buildings and related infrastructure. For accurate status of affected sites, please call the 24-hour hotline or check the Boeing Internet site.

Q. Where can I get more information?

A. We have set up a Puget Sound Call Center that can be reached at the following numbers: 425-237-7390, 425-965-4077, 425-237-2869, and 425-237-6022.

Q. Were there any deaths or injuries at Boeing Puget Sound-area sites during the earthquake?

A. There were no deaths, but fewer than 30 employees were treated for injuries ranging from muscle strains and bruises to a broken ankle.

Q. Why are some of the facilities shut down?

A. Our primary concern is for the safety of our employees, so we are fully inspecting the buildings before clearing them for occupancy.

Q. Were any of our customers' airplanes damaged?

A. One airplane in the paint hangar at North Boeing Field was slightly damaged.

Q. Are you in contact with our customers?

A. Yes. We are continually updating our customers on our operations.

Q. How many people work at the Boeing Puget Sound-area sites?

A. Approximately 75,500 employees work in the Puget Sound area.

Q. When will all operations resume in the Puget Sound area?

A. Our primary concern is for the safety of our employees, so we are currently inspecting the buildings to clear them for occupancy. As soon as this work is complete, we will update our web site and help line to reflect buildings reopening.

Q. Are we still continuing to deliver airplanes?

A. We continue to deliver airplanes at Paine Field. Due to damage to the Boeing Field runway, we are not currently delivering airplanes at that site, but will resume deliveries as soon as possible.

Q. How does the earthquake damage impact our suppliers?

A. Suppliers should continue to make scheduled deliveries to Everett. Renton receiving (buildings 4-63 and 4-64) is open to receive scheduled over-the-road shipments. Assessment is still under way on rail-car shipments for items such as major body structures.

Q. How many airplanes are awaiting delivery at Boeing Field?

A. 14

Q. Are we talking to the FAA and regulatory agencies?

A. Yes. We are continually updating the FAA and other government agencies on our operations as appropriate.


Q. How do I know if it's safe to return to my building or work area?

A. Our primary concern and focus is to ensure that we provide a safe work environment for you. Boeing Security & Fire Protection and Facilities personnel have been closely examining each work area in each building and where damage or safety concerns exist, we have not permitted entry. Buildings that have been thoroughly examined and found safe have been reopened to employees. Check the web site or the hotline for a list of buildings that are open or still closed.

Q. What should I do when I return to my work area?

A. As you return to work, some of our areas will be in disarray due to Wednesday's earthquake. Please take the following precautions as you return to your area:

  • Upon arrival, inspect your work areas thoroughly. If you detect any abnormal conditions, contact Facilities personnel immediately.
  • Use safe lifting techniques when replacing displaced objects and don't lift or move heavy items without proper help or equipment.
  • Be careful when opening desks, cabinets and lockers as contents may have shifted because of the earthquake.
  • Take extra care when handling or disposing of objects with broken glass.
  • Contact your local support resources such as Facilities, local safety monitors or emergency focals if you have questions or need assistance.


Q. Will I be paid for the days my work area or plant was closed?

A. All employees who had no alternate work location and whose buildings were closed will be paid through March 2, 2001. After that date, pay practices will be determined on a case-by-case basis. This does not apply to contract employees. Employees who are on approved vacation or sick leave during this time will be paid under the provisions for each of those absences.

Q. Will paychecks be issued on time?

A. Yes. The pay window in the 10-100 building in Renton, which supports the Renton site and Duwamish corridor employees and the Auburn pay window in the 17.18 building, which supports the Kent site, will be open during normal operating hours for employees who wish to pick up their paychecks. The Everett pay window is unaffected.

Q. What if my work area was open and I wasn't able to make it to work because of personal issues (e.g., daycare wasn't available, school was shutdown, etc.), will I still be paid? Can I take vacation or leave without pay (LWOP) for the time I missed?

A. If your work area or building is open or has resumed operations and you are unable to return to work because of earthquake-related issues, please contact your manager for specific instructions.

Q. For the time my building was shut down, how should I charge my time?

A. Through March 2, employees using ETS should charge their time to "suspended operations." Employees who do not use ETS should contact their local cost accounting support for specific information regarding charging their time. Exceptions to this determination include employees who are absent due to previously scheduled vacation, sick leave, time off without pay or leave of absence. Employees on travel status should not experience any idle time until they return. Contract labor employees will only be compensated for hours worked.


Q. I heard some people who work in Renton will be sent to Everett or asked to work a different shift because of the earthquake? Is this true?

A. Our goal is to resume production as soon as it is safe to do so, and that requires making temporary adjustments. In some cases, we are asking employees to report to work in a different location or for a different shift. Your manager or supervisor will be able to provide more information.

Q. How will I know if I'm supposed to report to an alternate work location?

A. Your manager or supervisor will provide you with that information.

Q. Have you notified the unions of these types of potential actions?

A. Yes.

Q. If I'm supposed to work in another location, what kind of work will I be doing?

A. Your manager or supervisor is the best source of information on this issue.

Q. Until operations return to normal and my work area is open, can I work from home if I have a laptop or a home computer with dial-up capability?

A. The current administrative process for gaining approvals has been temporarily suspended. The decision will be made at the discretion of your manager. Ensure your antivirus software is updated, and you are following security guidelines.


Q. How can I retrieve my personal items left in a closed building?

A. If you have an urgent need for the items, please contact Boeing Security & Fire Protection (main number: 206-655-8800).

Q. Will Boeing reimburse me for any personal property that was damaged at work during the earthquake or stolen while the building was closed?

A. In certain limited circumstances Boeing will reimburse employees for damage or loss of personal property. For more information, please refer to company policy 6-1080-001.


Q. Will ARAMARK Food Service be available?Text

A. ARA Services are not available at all sites. To determine what sites will have cafeteria's open, refer to "Employee Services/Food Services" on the Boeing web site.

Q. What is the status of the Boeing Puget Sound-area Medical Clinics?

A. Renton has set up a temporary medical clinic in the south end of the 4-404 trailer. This temporary clinic is equipped to provide limited service. The Kent medical facility is closed until further notice. The Seattle medical facility is open and fully operational.

Q. Who can I contact for counseling assistance?

A. If you need individual counseling assistance, related to the earthquake or other concerns, please call the Puget Sound Boeing Employee Assistance Program. Counselors are available in Auburn at 253-931-5774, Renton at 425-237-4377, Seattle at 206-655-0912 and in Everett at 425-342-3827. EAP is also available to assist groups by request.

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