Boeing Updated Earthquake Operations Status

Boeing continues recovery operations in the Puget Sound area after yesterday's earthquake.

Company officials report that approximately 20 employees were treated for injuries ranging from muscle strains and bruises to a broken ankle. None of the injuries are considered serious.

Manufacturing, assembly and delivery activities at the company's 747/767/777 facility in Everett have been proceeding without substantive impact. Other facilities operating on regular schedules include manufacturing facilities in Auburn and Frederickson, and computing and most office facilities in Bellevue and around the Seattle-Tacoma airport.

Major operations at the Boeing 737/757 assembly facility in Renton have been suspended through second shift Thursday while damage inspections and assessments continue. Inspections also continue on facilities in Kent and in the Duwamish corridor south of downtown Seattle, many of which remain closed. The company is working with King County officials to determine the extent of damage to King County International Airport, also known as Boeing Field.

"Ensuring the safety of our employees has been our number one priority, said John Warner, senior vice president and chief administrative officer. "That's why it's vital we conduct thorough inspections across all our facilities and operations to ensure the integrity of our building structures, tooling and machinery." he added.

The company's headquarters building south of downtown Seattle remains closed due to damage to the building and to telecommunications equipment.

Boeing is working with customers to provide updated information regarding production and delivery schedules as it becomes available.