Orders Soar For The Boeing 757-300

In the first month of 2001, cumulative orders for the new Boeing 757-300 more than doubled, with 33 confirmed orders for the single-aisle airplane, The Boeing Company said today.

In January, Boeing confirmed orders from Continental Airlines for 15 757-300s and from Northwest Airlines for 18 757-300s. Orders for the Boeing 757-300 now total 62.

"Since the 757-300 entered service, the airplane clearly is proving its value to airlines with record-setting reliability, superior economics and stellar performance," said Mike Bair, vice president of Business Strategy and Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "The 757-300 is a quiet and efficient over-achiever. The customer base is broad, including dual-class scheduled carriers and tour operators."

Northwest's order for the greater-capacity 757-300s upgrades an existing order for 757-200s. The airline will use the new airplanes to retire its fleet of three-engine DC 10-40s. The more fuel-efficient twin-engine 757-300s will substantially reduce Northwest's fuel costs and overall maintenance costs. Northwest has a fleet that includes 48 Boeing 757-200s.

Continental's new 757-300s will join the airline's fleet of 41 757-200s. The airline will use its new 757-300s on a variety of domestic routes that require additional capacity.

"Airlines that operate Boeing 757-200s easily can introduce the 757-300 into their existing fleets," Bair said. "It's the perfect complement."

The Boeing 757-300 has the lowest seat-mile costs of any single-aisle jetliner.

"With rising fuel costs, the operating efficiencies of the 757-300 are very compelling, Bair said. "It's extremely economical for airlines to operate. It's reliable, quiet and efficient, and passengers like it. It's the ideal airplane for a competitive market."

The Boeing 757-300 entered into service in 1999 and quickly established a strong reputation for reliability. In its first year of revenue service with launch customer Condor Flugdienst, the airline recorded a dispatch-reliability rate of 99.64 - the highest rating ever by any commercial airplane model in its first year of operation.

The 757-300 has an all-new interior based on the award-winning 777 cabin interior.

"The 757 is the most passenger-preferred single-aisle airplane," Bair said. "Features like vacuum lavatories make it easy for airlines to service the airplane. It's quiet and offers passengers a comfortable flight, and the 757-300's record-setting reliability means passengers make it to their destination on time."

Designed for both scheduled and tour airlines, the 757-300 is a stretch version of the 757-200. At 178 feet 7 inches (54.5 meters), the 757-300 is 23 feet 4 inches (7.1 meters) longer than the 757-200. The extra length allows it to hold 20 percent more passengers and about 40 percent more cargo by volume than the 757-200.

In addition to Northwest, Continental and launch customer Condor Flugdienst, other airlines that have ordered the 757-300 include Arkia Israeli Airlines, Icelandair, JMC Airlines and American Trans Air.

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