Boeing Sponsors 10th Annual Educator Enrichment Day
Craters, Comets, Rocket Science, Flight Fundamentals & More
28 Dynamic Workshops Teach Teachers to Tackle Science & Math
Registration Open For 10th Annual Educator Enrichment Day

Just take little bit of paper, tape, balloons, some air and "3-2-1 Lift-off!" That's the title of one of the workshops for K-9 teachers at this year's Boeing-sponsored Oxford Foundation Educator Enrichment Day at the Oxford Academy School in Cypress, Calif.

Combining years of experience with simple materials, computers and a love of science, a braintrust of aerospace experts, rocket scientists and engineers will help hundreds of teachers from throughout California learn innovative methods for teaching math, science and engineering.

Scheduled for 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, February 24, 2001, the day-long program will offer elementary and middle-school teachers 28 innovative, hands-on workshops designed to enhance their students' appreciation for math and science. Some of the fun-filled workshops at this year's event include:

"PB&J Computing"-- What do peanut butter, jelly, and bread have to do with computer programming? Participants will learn several "computer-less" techniques to teach computer and technology concepts, basic computer programming terminology and how to increase their students' understanding of how a computer program works.

"FUNdamentals of Flight"-- An exploration of the physical principles of flight. Teachers will build and fly a Rogallo wing hang glider, learn to make a paper towel tube fly, build their own airfoil and wing sections and test their creations in an operating wind tunnel.

"Astronomy - Comets & Craters"-- A two-part program that demonstrates the underlying principles of various astronomical phenomena and includes learning how to make a comet and how craters are formed. Teachers conduct experiments to see what affects the shape and appearance of a crater and to learn about what causes moon phases, seasons, and lunar and solar eclipses.

"e-Learning"-- For educators with a minimum PC and Internet proficiency , this workshop will explore and demonstrate exciting opportunities in applying new technology to the education process.

Registered teachers will receive professional development and continuing education credits. Last year more than 300 teachers representing 200 schools from 80 cities throughout California participated in Educator Enrichment Day.

For more information about the program or a fax application contact Daniel Schwabe, 714 372-9406; or Elane Scott, 562 944-9158.

Now in its tenth year, the Educator Enrichment Day program was started at the Downey, Calif. facilities of Rockwell International and has been successfully continued with support from The Boeing Company following the acquisition of Rockwell's space and defense businesses in 1996.

For further information:
Javier Mendoza
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