Turkmenistan Airlines Expands Boeing Fleet With 757 Delivery

Turkmenistan Airlines today took delivery of a Boeing 757-200, bringing it one step closer to building an all-Boeing passenger airline fleet. The airline currently offers passenger and freight service to destinations on three continents with a fleet that includes Boeing 757s and 737s.

"We deeply appreciate the trust President Niyazov and the airline leadership have placed in The Boeing Company as their partner in the continued success of Turkmen aviation," said Doug Groseclose, vice president of International Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group.

The Turkmenistan Airlines - Boeing partnership has been built over the past several years. Turkmenistan was the first republic of the former U.S.S.R. to purchase a Boeing airplane with the acquisition of a 737-300 in 1992.

Airline Chief Executive Ilyas Berdiev headed the Turkmen delivery delegation.

"This latest acquisition will help us realize our goal of expanding passenger service into the North Atlantic," Berdiev said. "We also will enhance our domestic service with the delivery of three new 717-200s in the next few months as we transition to an all-Boeing passenger fleet."

The exceptional performance of the Boeing 757-200 allows it to operate from almost any airport in the world and perform equally well on long- and short-haul routes. This quality combines with stellar reliability to give the 757 unmatched versatility.

The 757 is the most passenger-preferred single-aisle aircraft in the world. The list price of the 757-200 is approximately $75 million.

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