United Airlines Becomes First Carrier to Operate 50 Boeing 777s

United Airlines, the airline that launched the Boeing 777 program and was the first to fly the world's most passenger-preferred jetliner, today became the first carrier to operate 50 twin-aisle 777s.

United took delivery of its 49th and 50th 777s -- the first deliveries this year of the fastest, most advanced, most comfortable and most economic jetliner in its class. Those deliveries follow a record-setting order year for the 777, in which the world's airlines overwhelmingly chose the Boeing 777 over competing products.

In five and a half years of operating its 777s, United's 777 fleet has flown 116,000 flights, carrying 24 million passengers more than one-third of a billion miles.

United's 49th and 50th 777s are 777-200ER (extended range) models. The 777-200ER is the longest-range jetliner in the world, flying up to 8,860 statute miles (7,700 nautical miles). The 777-200ER can accommodate from 305 to 328 passengers in a typical three-class configuration -- the same as the 777-200 initial model. The 777-200ER carries an additional 31,000 gallons of fuel to allow for its longer range over the initial model. That feature has made the 777-200ER model very attractive to a number of airlines.

Of the record 117 Boeing 777s ordered during 2000, 66 were 777-200ERs.

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