Boeing Supports ICAO Committee Airplane Noise Reduction Recommendations

The Boeing Company supports today's announced recommendation by the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection for more stringent noise standards for commercial aircraft.

The recommended standard, if adopted by the ICAO Council in May, would require new airplane types to be 10 decibels cumulative quieter than the current Stage 3/Chapter 3 requirements.

"Boeing has long recognized that quieter airplanes are a key to continued industry growth," said Hank Queen, vice president of Engineering, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group. "For example, the new 747X already is expected to be quieter than the proposed new standard."

"We support the mission of ICAO and enthusiastically endorse the continuing development of international noise standards. By adopting common standards across all borders, ICAO and the aerospace industry can ensure both quiet skies and a healthy economic environment around the world," Queen said.

Boeing has played a major role in the quieting of the skies. Today's Boeing jets are generally 10 times quieter than those introduced 20 years ago.

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Mary Jean Olsen