Northwest Airlines Acquires 18 Boeing 757s And Two Boeing 747s

SThe Boeing Company today confirmed an order from Northwest Airlines for 18 Boeing 757-300 single-aisle and two Boeing 747-400 twin-aisle airplanes.

The value of the new airplanes at list prices is estimated at $1.75 billion. Deliveries for the 757-300s are scheduled to begin in 2002. Deliveries of the 747-400 passenger airplanes are scheduled for 2002.

"We are looking forward to putting the 757-300 into service on our domestic routes and to having the flexibility to take delivery of -200 aircraft if needed," said John Dasburg, president and chief executive officer of Northwest Airlines, Inc. "Our passengers will benefit since the 757-300 is a modern airplane with an interior that improves passenger comfort and it has high commonality with our fleet of 757-200s, meaning substantial savings in training and maintenance."

Seddik Belyamani, executive vice president - Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group, said, "With this order, Northwest joins the growing number of customers for the new Boeing 757-300. Northwest recognizes that the 757-300 is one of the world's most reliable, versatile, passenger-preferred, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly airplanes. It has the lowest seat-mile cost of any single-aisle jetliner in its class on the market. No other airplane in its class is more economical to operate."

Northwest's order for the greater capacity 757-300s upgrades an existing order for 757-200s. The airline will use the new airplanes to retire its fleet of three engine DC 10-40s since the more efficient twin engine 757-300 will substantially reduce both fuel costs and overall maintenance costs.

Northwest will add its 18 new Boeing 757-300s to its existing fleet of 48 Boeing 757-200s - a fleet that will increase as Northwest takes delivery of five more 757-200s during 2001.

The Boeing 757-300, with the lowest seat-mile costs of any single-aisle jetliner, has no direct competitor in the market. When the 757-300 entered service in 1999 it quickly established a strong reputation for reliability. In its first year of revenue service with launch customer Condor Flugdienst, 99.64 percent of flights departed on time - the highest rate ever by any commercial airplane model in its first year of operation.

The Boeing 757-300 also has an all-new interior, which is based on the popular, award-winning Boeing 777 passenger cabin interior.

Other airlines that have ordered 757-300 include Condor Flugdienst, Arkia Israeli Airlines, Icelandair, JMC Airlines, American Trans Air (ATA), and Continental. Total orders to date for the 757-300 is 62, including Northwest's order.

Northwest will add its two new 747-400s to its existing fleet of 47 Boeing 747s, which includes 14 of the new-technology 747-400s. Northwest will use its newest 747-400s for capacity growth on its Pacific routes.

"We are pleased to see Northwest extend its long-standing commitment to the 747-400," Belyamani said. "As the launch customer, Northwest was the first airline to put the 747-400 into revenue service in 1989. This order for Boeing 747-400s demonstrates the great appeal of this aircraft as the only 400-seater available today and for the next decade."

Known as the "Queen of the Skies," the Boeing 747-400 is the world's most recognized and prestigious jetliner. The 747 is also the world's largest and fastest subsonic-commercial jetliner. Its unmatched combination of range and size gives it the lowest operating cost per seat in the industry.

The 747 is the best-selling twin-aisle airplane in the industry, with more than 1,320 ordered, including this order.

Over the years, Boeing has built 18 different 747 models. The 747-400, the model currently in production, has sold more than any other 747 version and has proven to be the flagship of many airlines worldwide; more than 535 of these airplanes are in service worldwide. In November 2000, Boeing launched the 19th model - the Longer-Range 747-400, which adds 500 miles of range and includes a new 777-style interior. The 747-400 is the only jetliner able to carry 416 passengers 7,280 nautical miles in nonstop comfort.

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