XM Satellite Launch Rescheduled for February 28

Sea Launch has rescheduled the launch of the XM-1 digital audio radio satellite for Wednesday, February 28, 2001. In staying with conservative mission parameters, yesterday's launch countdown was halted when a possible minor out-of-specification condition was detected on the satellite.

Shortly after the launch was halted, the possible out-of-specification condition was determined to be within specification, and the satellite remains in excellent health.

However, the launch halt command was issued within seconds prior to intentional ignition, and occurred after some engine pre-ignition processes had commenced. The decision has been made to return to Sea Launch's Long Beach Home Port and initiate a re-start of the 50-day launch preparedness cycle for XM-1.

As a consequence of this rescheduling of XM-1, the new schedule for the launch of XM-2 is now mid-April. This revised timetable will still allow XM Satellite Radio, Inc., to roll out its planned service this summer.

Media representatives are encouraged to check the Sea Launch Media Hotline, at 562.797.1000, for the latest launch information. Additional information will be posted on the Sea Launch website.

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Paula Korn