U.S. Navy Orders Sixth Boeing C-40A Airlifter

The U.S. Navy has ordered a sixth Boeing 737-700C (Convertible) model for its Navy Unique Fleet Essential Airlift Replacement Aircraft program.

The U.S. Naval Reserve is the first customer for the aircraft, designated as the C-40A Clipper, which will replace its fleet of C-9 airlifters.

The first four aircraft will be based at Naval Air Station Carswell Joint Reserve Base, Ft. Worth, Texas, with the first to be delivered in April 2001. The fifth and sixth aircraft will be based at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Fla.

"We're really starting to see the three years of hard work by the Navy/Boeing C-40A team pay off," said Rich Reinheimer, Boeing C-40A program manager. "Everything is on track to be in place when the first C-40A arrives at Carswell."

The C-40A will be certified to operate in an all-passenger (121 passengers), all-cargo (8 pallets), or combination (combi) configuration that will accommodate up to three cargo pallets and 70 passengers on the main deck.

Two C-40As are currently at Boeing in Wichita, Kan., for modifications that allow the aircraft to be operated in the combi mode. A third aircraft has completed flight testing and will be flown to Wichita for modifications. A fourth will join it in February.

Flight Safety Boeing is training Naval Reserve flight crews and maintenance technicians.



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