LanChile Adds Three Boeing 767-300 Freighters To Its Fleet

LanChile Airlines has ordered two Boeing 767-300 Freighters and is leasing an additional 767-300 Freighter through GE Capital Aviation Services. The new airplanes will help LanChile expand its growing freight business in Latin America and the U.S. The two direct purchases were recorded earlier this year as unidentified orders.

The total order is valued at approximately $365 million, with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2001. LanChile currently operates 12 767-300 passenger airplanes and three 767-300 Freighters.

"The Boeing 767-300 has a proven track record in our fleet," said Enrique Cueto, executive vice president of LanChile, based in Santiago, Chile. "The 767's high reliability rate has been a major factor in our ability to meet our cargo customers' on-time service requirements."

Forty percent of LanChile's revenue comes from its cargo-delivery business within Latin America and into and out of Miami. The 767-300 Freighter is ideally sized for the types of cargo LanChile carries. Cargo out of Chile primarily consists of perishables such as fish, fruit, vegetables and flowers, while imports are heavy in high-tech and consumer items including computers and mobile phones, as well as industrial equipment for Chile's mining industry.

Zone temperature controls onboard the 767-300 Freighter allow LanChile to transport a wide array of cargo on one flight. For instance, perishables can be transported at cold temperatures in one part of the airplane while live stock such as racehorses can be transported at warmer temperatures in another section.

The 767's automated cargo loading system, which involves a moveable floor similar to a conveyor belt, enables LanChile to load and unload cargo quickly and easily.

"Boeing is the only airplane manufacturer that offers a full line of freighters, and the 767 Freighter is the only 60-ton freighter airplane with international range capability," said Seddik Belyamani, vice president of Sales for Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group. "We are delighted that LanChile continues to place orders for the 767-300 Freighter."

The 767-300 Freighter is the newest member of the Boeing family of freighters and is based on the popular 767-300ER (extended range) passenger twinjet. The 767-300 Freighter benefits from the 767's established schedule or "dispatch" reliability, performance and operational advantages. Schedule reliability - an industry measure of departure from the gate within 15 minutes of scheduled time - is nearly 99 percent for the 767.

The 767-300 Freighter offers excellent fuel economy. Operating costs for the 767 Freighter are nearly 20 percent lower than any other comparable airplane.

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