Boeing Launches International Technology Summit

The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) today launched the first international summit designed to enhance collaboration between technology leaders, governments and other key stakeholders in the search for new technology solutions in aerospace, communications and beyond.

Boeing Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Phil Condit hosted the inaugural event, held at Tokyo's Spiral Center. Leaders from Boeing and more than 26 Japanese companies debated a broad range of technology challenges.

"Creating a lively dialog with leading thinkers around the world helps all of us learn more about the important human, political and commercial implications of breakthrough technologies." said Condit. "Every day, Boeing is reaching new frontiers in technology. Collaborating now to exploit the full potential of breakthroughs will bring more rapid and positive change. We want to explore with others how we can work together and add value to the world."

The summit participants included top executives from companies including airlines, aerospace manufacturers, information equipment and automotive manufacturers, media and telecommunications companies, banks, and senior representatives of Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the Japan Defense Agency. Speakers from Japan's major industries contributed to the program, presenting their views on new technology solutions for the future.

The discussion topics principally focused on breakthrough technologies to gain improvements in areas including air traffic management, mobile connectivity and developments in nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing.

"We can't afford to dream too small," said Condit. "This summit illuminated three dreams that will change the world. In air traffic management, we will have new systems that will dramatically increase capacity and safety. In space-based communications, we have the opportunity to connect everyone to the information revolution, whether they are in an airplane or a distant rural area. And we can work to reduce the cost of aerospace products by 50% or more. Governments and industries around the world should not miss the opportunity to work together to make rapid, significant changes."

Key themes of the discussions included:

  • Rapid and strong collaboration is needed between governments, airlines, unions and aerospace companies in order to solve significant challenges in air traffic management.
  • There is enormous potential to integrate space and terrestrial communications systems to allow more people around the world to access information anytime, anywhere.
  • Quantum advances in manufacturing technology will improve fabrication and assembly of products with fewer parts and new materials, while collapsing the infrastructure into a completely digital, web-based environment to make design-anywhere, build-anywhere a reality.
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