Boeing 777 with New GE90-94B Engine Earns FAA Certification

The Boeing 777, powered by the new General Electric GE90-94B engine, has earned certification from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The certification comes after a successful 20-month test program that consisted of more than 1,500 hours of ground tests and about 275 hours of flight tests. Rated at 94,000 pounds of thrust, the GE90-94B will power the 777-200ER (extended range) airplane. The 777-200ER, capable of flying 7,700 nautical miles (8,860 statute miles), has the greatest range of any commercial jetliner in service. The first GE90-94B-powered 777 will be delivered to Air France this week.

"The certification of this particular airplane-engine combination is another step in the development of the longer-range 777 models to provide airlines with the ability to offer passengers more direct, non-stop service on longer routes," said Ron Ostrowski, vice president and general manager of the 777 Program. "This is just the latest round in Boeing working together with its suppliers and customers to continually improve the fleet and give the airlines what they need to meet their requirements."

The GE90-94B engine builds on the proven success of the GE90 family, adding key performance-enhancing technologies such as the three-dimensional aerodynamic (3-D Aero) high-pressure compressor. The high-pressure compressor is a key component of the performance improvements to be incorporated into the GE90-115B engine that will power the 777-200 and 777-300 longer-range airplane models. 3-D Aero is a computer design and analysis program. In addition to improved takeoff performance, the -94B engine will improve fuel burn and exhaust gas temperature margins relative to the current GE90 engines in production.

The Boeing 777 twin-engine configuration allows it to out perform its competitors economically. The 777 has similar trip costs, seven to 13 percent lower seat-mile costs and four to 12-percent lower fuel burn per seat when compared to its competitors. The 777 family flies farther and faster than any other commercial airplane in its class, getting passengers to their destinations sooner and on more direct, non-stop routes.

The popular twinjet has proven to be the preferred jetliner in its class by passengers. Independent passenger surveys have consistently revealed that three out of four passengers prefer the Boeing 777 over the Airbus A330/340. The Boeing 777 passenger-pleasing interior has redefined passenger comfort. Its spacious interior gives passengers wider seats and more headroom than competing airplanes.

Launched just 10 years ago, the Boeing 777 has logged more than 500 orders, about 68 percent of the market share for airplanes in its class. The Boeing Company has delivered 305 777s.

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