Two Sets Of Twins Delivered To Balair With Latest Boeing 767-300ER Purchase
Swiss charter airline now operates two 767-300ERs and two 757-200s, all delivered in 2000

You might say twins run in the family at Balair. The Swiss charter airline today took delivery of its second Boeing 767-300ER (extended range) jetliner in as many months. Both airplanes will be leased from Flightlease of Zurich. This makes four Boeing airplanes that Balair has put into service this year - two 757-200s and two 767-300ERs.

"We are very excited to be taking delivery of another new 767," said Catherine Stalker, CEO of Balair. "With the addition of this airplane, we are now operating one of the youngest fleets in the world - if not the youngest - and we are quite proud of that."

The 757 and 767 family of airplanes serves the middle market, with seating capacity for about 200 to 300 passengers. These two airplanes feature a common pilot-type rating so that any pilot trained to fly one model can, with minimal additional instruction, be qualified to fly the other model. Airlines also benefit from the similar maintenance procedures, manuals, and inspection requirements, as well as reduced spares inventories.

"We are very pleased that Balair has chosen these two great Boeing products for their popular charter flights," said Toby Bright, vice president-Europe, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group. "I am certain that European travelers will enjoy the comfort and environmentally-friendly advantages of these airplanes, and Balair will reap the financial returns on their investment."

The 767 family has the lowest operating cost per trip of any widebody airplane. This low operating cost, combined with a choice of three sizes, variable range capability, almost universal airport compatibility and ETOPS capability, makes the 767 a versatile family of airplanes.

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