Boeing Recognized by FAA for Safety Efforts in China

The FAA has recognized The Boeing Company for its work to improve flight safety in China. The FAA has awarded Boeing its 1999 "Mission Possible" Award, along with United Airlines, InterFlight Services, Inc. (ISI) and the agency's Denver and San Francisco Offices. The award, presented today, recognizes the group's work with Chinese aviation authorities to improve their check airmen program. A check airman administers "proficiency checks" to pilots, in a simulator, to ensure the pilot's skills remain at a level necessary to handle all emergencies.

Boeing, United and ISI, along with the FAA, formed a team to assist the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) with the development of a check airmen program in the People's Republic of China.

"Boeing was able to contribute resources and use its long-standing relationship with Chinese aviation authorities to help lead and coordinate the efforts of the team," said Joe Tymczyszyn, a Boeing engineer on the team. "It was a team accomplishment that ultimately resulted in improved flight safety in China."

The effort to assist CAAC with a check airmen program began in November 1998 and was completed in September 1999. It included a three-phase training program that combined classroom and simulator instruction with "hands on" involvement in an established check airmen program.

"Everyone involved worked hard to ensure the success of the check airmen program in China," said Bob McArthur, director of Flight Technical Services at Boeing.

"Boeing is proud to be a part of that success, and we look forward to continuing our successful relationship in that area of the world."

The Chinese pilots received five days of classroom instruction in Beijing from Boeing and its subcontractor, ISI. Boeing then provided the pilots with 14 days of ground training and simulator training in Seattle. Finally, the pilots worked for 12 days with United Airlines check airmen and FAA inspectors in an actual check airmen program. Upon completion of the training, the pilots returned to China to conduct training and to assist the next class of CAAC check airmen.

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