American Airlines Orders Six Boeing 777-200ERs, Three 737-800s

American Airlines has placed a firm order for six Boeing 777-200ER and three Next-Generation 737-800 airplanes, The Boeing Company confirmed today. These orders represent exercised options from a 1996 contract announcement for more than 100 Boeing airplanes and more than 500 options over the next 20 years.

American Airlines will use the additional airplanes for planned route expansions and fleet replacement.

"These orders reaffirm the popularity of the 777 and the Next-Generation 737," said Seddik Belyamani, executive vice president -Sales & Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group. "Both the 777 & Next-Generation 737 families are the most technologically-advanced airplanes in their respective classes. With their unmatched economics, they are sure to provide American Airlines with limitless opportunities."

The 777-200 Extended Range can fly up to 7,695 nautical miles, making it extremely capable for long-range routes. Typical 777-200ER routes include London to Los Angeles and Dallas to Tokyo. Faster than its competitors, the 777 allows operators to shorten trip times for their passengers. The 777 provides a new level of comfort and spaciousness for air travel with its passenger-pleasing and award-winning interior.

The Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 is a high-gross-weight model that can fly nearly 3,000 nautical miles. It features one of the highest dispatch reliability rates in the industry. The Next-Generation 737 is the best-selling new commercial airplane in history, with more than 1,600 ordered since the program was launched in November 1993.

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