Boeing and GE Announce Purchase of Seven Longer-Range 777 Airplanes by EVA Airways of Taiwan

The Boeing Company and General Electric Company jointly confirmed today that EVA Airways of Taiwan purchased seven of the newest model 777 jetliners: four longer range 777-300 airplanes, and three longer range 777-200 airplanes.

These models - often referred to as 777X airplanes - along with the 747X, form the Boeing solution to the small but important market for larger, long-range airplanes.

The longer-range 777-300 and -200 twinjets, launched by Boeing earlier this year, build on the outstanding features and capabilities that make existing 777s market leaders in the intermediate, twin-aisle category of airplanes, including lower fuel burn, noise, emissions; increased speed capability; and superior passenger comfort.

"These longer-range 777 airplanes open new markets for us with their extended range and unmatched economics," said Tony Cho, EVA corporate planning division executive vice president. "We are proud to be an all-Boeing operator, and have great confidence in the newest member of the 777 family."

Capable of flying more than 8,860 nautical miles (16,405 kilometers), the longer-range Boeing 777-200, slated as the world's longest-range commercial airplane, will be powered exclusively by the world's most powerful airplane engine, GE's GE90-110B1. The GE90-115B will be the exclusive powerplant for the longer-range Boeing 777-300.

The longer-range 777-300 will have a range of 7,200 nmi (13,330 km) but will carry more passengers and cargo than the longer-range -200. EVA plans to use the jetliners on non-stop international routes from Taipei to the East and West Coasts of the United States, and for service from Taipei to Europe.

"Our relationship with EVA began in 1989 when the airline signed the first contract for Boeing jetliners. We are very proud of this cooperative and long-standing relationship," said Ray Conner, vice president, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group.

EVA is the second airline to announce its purchase of the longer-range 777 derivatives. In March, Japan Airlines (JAL) announced an order for eight longer-range 777 twinjets, citing outstanding performance and economics, and the benefits of the low-risk GE90-115B powerplant.

"The GE90-115B will have the advantage of a proven low-risk, mature GE90 engine whose basic design already produces industry-leading performance and reliability," said Jim McNerney, president and chief executive officer of GE Aircraft Engines.

The engine is on schedule to meet certification schedules to support the airframe, including United States Federal Aviation Administration type certification and validation in late 2002. The certification for the longer-range 777 is expected in the third quarter of 2003. Passengers prefer the 777 as the most comfortable airplane in its class. A survey of more than 6,000 passengers flying on long-range routes to and from Europe and Asia revealed three-out-of-four prefer the 777 compared to the Airbus A330/A340 models.

With more than 400 jetliners on order, the 777 has captured almost 62 percent of the total market share since the airplane program was launched in 1990.

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