Boeing 777 Completes First Flight with New GE90-94B Engine

The Boeing Company successfully completed the first flight of a 777-200ER (Extended Range) airplane powered by two new General Electric GE90-94B engines. An Air France 777-200ER is being used as the test bed for the new engine.

"This flight represents another step in the continuing development of the highly successful 777 airplane family," said Roger Houck, Boeing 777 chief engineer 777 test program. "The test program and the development of the Boeing 777 with the GE90-94B validates the advantages of this airplane and engine combination with improved fuel efficiency, lower maintenance cost, more payload and range resulting in an outstanding new member of the 777 family."

Rated at 94,000 pounds of thrust, the GE90-94B builds on the proven success of the GE90 family, adding key performance-enhancing technologies such as the three-dimensional aerodynamic (3-D Aero) high pressure compressor - a key component of the performance improvement to be incorporated into the GE90-115B engine currently under development. 3-D Aero is a computer design and analysis program. Its use on the -115B engine design delivers improved fuel burn.

After a recent series of rigorous tests for FAA certification, GE90-94B engines have completed more than 1400 hours of testing, and received FAA flight test certification this month.

"Performance-enhancing technologies built into the GE90-94B will improve fuel burn on the 777 by more than one percent, and improve EGT (exhaust gas temperature) margins as much as 20 degrees Celsius," said Chaker Chahrour, general manager of the GE90 project. "These same improvements will be available on the -115B on schedule to meet the longer range Boeing 777-200 and -300 derivative program requirements."

The launches of the longer range Boeing -200 and -300 derivative twinjets were announced in a joint Boeing and GE press conference earlier this year.

Passengers prefer the Boeing 777 as the most comfortable airplane in its class. With more than 400 jetliners on order, the Boeing 777 has captured 62 percent of the total market share.

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