The Boeing 777: A Passenger Pleaser

Shown here in the United Airlines livery of their two different eras are the Boeing model 247 and the Boeing 777. The 247 was the pioneer of passenger air transport with its insulated cabin, individual overhead lighting and a lavatory. With a cruise speed of 139 knots (160 mph), the 247 could carry 10 passengers and three crew members across the United States in 20 hours - with seven stops along the way. The 777, on the other hand, can carry more than 300 passengers coast-to-coast non-stop in 5 1/2 hours at a typical cruise speed of 476 knots (550 mph). In addition to a spacious cabin, the Boeing 777 offers unparalleled passenger comfort and amenities, including an in-flight entertainment system at every seat and large overhead stowage bins. The Boeing 247, whose fleet eventually grew to 85 airplanes, was first delivered in 1933. The first Boeing 777 was delivered five years ago. Its worldwide fleet now consists of 283 airplanes.

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