Boeing Enters Into New Strategic Agreements With Russian Partners

The Boeing Company has announced the signing of alliance agreements with the Ilyushin Aviation Complex and the Vekhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association (VSMPO), the largest titanium manufacturer in the world.

The agreements are for the development of a legal and business structure for strategic partner relationships and further cooperation between the companies. "Boeing has been working with Ilyushin and VSMPO and since 1994. Our Russian partners and associates have proven their professional and technical capabilities and we look forward to more successes," said Harry Stonecipher, president and chief operating officer of The Boeing Company. Stonecipher was in Moscow for the signing and to meet with Russian and U.S. government leaders, Duma members, aerospace industry leaders and the Boeing team in Moscow.

The agreement with Ilyushin enables increased opportunities to work together in design, production, and other areas of the aviation business.

Boeing and VSMPO will work together in the joint development of new titanium technology and alloys, their application and marketing.

In 1993, Boeing opened its Technical Research Center in Moscow. Five years later, it was expanded to include an engineering design center. Work has been going on with Russian aerospace research institutes on a wide variety of projects.

Under contract to Boeing, Russia built the first module for the International Space Station, and is a partner member on the Sea Launch program.

Boeing and Russia have been working to enhance commercial aviation safety through training of airline pilots, maintenance personnel and air traffic control managers. Boeing is also supporting Russian authorities and international aviation organizations with the development of trans-Siberian and trans-polar routes for the use by the world's commercial airlines.



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